Harvesting moment

I got CCH bike sponsored by Venerad. Feeling great so much different it’s comfortable. I’m so lucky to have this bike and it helps me winning on the race. Thank you so much for encouraging me.

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Travelling bike

I got an amazing bike from CCH Mister Kair. That bike is so helpful for me, I go to college by this bike, shopping it helps me to save money. So I want to say a massive thank to Mister Kair. Thank you so much for your kindness.

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Having tested the handle bars that came with the Venerdi bike as part of my sponsorship deal, CCH/ARDP coach took Keir Apperley the time to replace them with slightly wider pair – thanks for this Keir much appreciated!

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Successful day

Was really hard day and I wasn’t really feel good but it wasn’t that hard I attack then they cut me and again with anather guy we did well we helping euch aether 10 Minutes to go the cut as again, finally it finish in a very stip up hill I give it all to […]

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First Race by a new great bike

I did my first race on Saturday by this amazing bike! I can not believe it the difference and comfort with my old racing bike. I enjoyed every attack and I was feeling powerful till the end. I want say a massive thanks for Venerdi restaurant sponsored me and for My coach Mister Kier for […]

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Appreciation to the sponsors; CC Hackney, Venerdi Restaurant, ICiC and ARDP. All will be present on Monday 1st April 7pm at Venerdi Restaurant where their ‘Venerdi Rides’ Mks 1 & 2 are to be presented and launched. Readers please feel welcome to come along and join us and celebrate this milestone event in our development […]

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